August 08, 2006

Ocean's 13 Set Photos. Here are some photos from the set of Ocean's 13. (08.08.06)

From the LV Review. George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon shot scenes for "Ocean's Thirteen" at McCarran International Airport and the Sundance heliport on Monday. (08.08.06)
A Sweet Story. Don Pugsley shared a sweet story about George with Clooney Studio. You can read it here. (08.08.06)

Clooney has a suite in my house. OCEAN'S TWELVE producer JERRY WEINTRAUB is so determined to make his actors feel comfortable, he insists they treat his plush residence in Palm Desert, California, as their own home. The hospitable movie-maker claims BRAD PITT, MATT DAMON and CATHERINE ZETA JONES often stay over with him, and GEORGE CLOONEY even has his own suite. He says, "If we're going to spend six or eight months together, it's best that we get along well. "I'm your pal. This house, it's my house and it's also their house. "Matt and Catherine have stayed here. George has his own suite and Brad shows up every once in a while on the weekend." (08.08.06)

Poll. You can Vote for George as the hottest biker you'd most like to take a ride with at E!Online. Just scroll down to the bottom on the left side. (08.08.06)

On set in Hollywood for O13. Here is a fun tid bit from Stephon's World. An inspiring actor who stumbled on the Oceans set after an audition. Thanks to CP for finding it first! (08.08.06)

WELCOME BACK GEORGE! Megastars George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Andy Garcia from 'Oceans 11' and '12' arrived yesterday (SUN) to start today’s (MON) location filming of the new 'Oceans 13'. This time Al Pacino, who has been "hanging out soaking up casino action around town" will play the casino boss battling the heroic heist-ers. Read the rest of the article here. (08.07.06)

Michael Clayton. From IMDB, posted by madukes. I met George Clooney when he was Upstate New York next door to my parents home in Blooming Grove filming " Michael Clayton " on Feb.22nd--25th, 2006. He was most gracious, taking time between filming to autograph everything the fans gave to him, posing for Photo's etc. On Feb. 24th, Jon Stewart came to film a scene for the Academy Awards, and the production crew decided to use my parents bedroom in which to film the scene, so George Clooney and Jon Stewart were both in my parents home ( and Bed ) to film it. It was very exciting for my entire family. They are both really great people. I really can't wait to see the film. All of the photo's that my family took of them while they were here were posted on our local newspapers web-site. It is : If anyone would like to see them. Simply type "George Clooney" in the archive area, and it will bring you to the link. Or you can go to : (08.07.06)

New to the George Clooney Gallery. The following magazines featuring articles on George Clooney have been added to our gallery. Thanks Tammy!
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August 07, 2006

From the LV Review: SHOOTING STARS: Another 'Ocean' in the desert You're either in or you're out -- and, this week, "Ocean's Thirteen" is definitely in. Starting today, the second sequel to the hit 2001 "Ocean's Eleven" remake returns for the first of two brief location shoots. (The second one takes place later next month.) Read the rest of the article here. (08.06.06)

NY Post: Barkin takes a dip in 'Ocean'. "Ellen Barkin and Al Pacino - Together Again!" From Liz Smith. Moviegoers went wild for the sexy and dynamic Ms. Barkin back in 1989 when she did those steamy scenes with Pacino in "Sea of Love." Now, they find themselves filming "Oceans Thirteen." How did it happen? Read the rest of the article here. (08.06.06)

More Charlie Rose Shows. In addition to the three DVDs already announced to be released on August 10th. An additional six more are scheduled for August 15th. More details on our calendar page. (08.06.06)

Clooney Network Blog. I have been experimenting with a Clooney Network blog. I think at some point this may be the format the news page goes to. Take a look :-) (08.06.06)

August 06, 2006

Ocean's 13. From Norm at the LV Review. The wisecracking safecrackers of "Ocean's Thirteen" return this week for some unfinished business. Most of the cast from the 2001 "Ocean's Eleven" remake and "Ocean's Twelve" arrive today for the first of two Las Vegas shoots. In town for film scenes at McCarran International Airport and Bellagio are George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, Bernie Mac, Andy Garcia, Carl Reiner and new addition Ellen Barkin. A second shoot is scheduled in Las Vegas for September. If you live in the Vegas area and catch any of the filming, drop us a line and share your experience :-) (08.05.06)

Jamie Foxx talks about switching from Tv to the big screen. When he switched from comedy to acting, he says, there were those who refused to take him seriously. “You can get some rough treatment. I have learnt that people react to fame in two ways. If they are insecure and difficult, they become far worse. If they are already nice people — and George Clooney is a perfect example — they give fame a good name.” Thanks to Clooney Project! (08.05.06)

Ocean's Thirteen. From the LV Review.August heats up even more with next week's arrival of "Ocean's Thirteen," which reteams director Steven Soderberg and returning cast members including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Andy Garcia, plus newcomers Al Pacino and Ellen Barkin. Norm (from the Review) writes: Pitt and the rest of the cast of "Ocean's Thirteen" will be in town, starting Monday, for four days of shooting. (08.04.06)

August 03, 2006

Eddie Izzard. From Next up will be Ocean's 13 - a reprise of his small role Roman Nagel in Ocean's 12. "I enjoyed hanging up with those guys last time, though it was only for a couple of scenes," he says, those guys being Clooney, Pitt, Damon and co. "I think (producer) Jerry Weintraub wanted to throw me into the mix - I got to know him on The Avengers. "You can't make a huge mark in a couple of scenes, but they must have liked what they saw, as they've written me back in." (08.03.06)

'Ocean's 13' Stars Get Their Own Poker Lounge. - Ocean's Eleven producer Jerry Weintraub has built an exclusive on-set poker lounge for the cast and crew of sequel Ocean's 13. Stars like George Clooney and Brad Pitt will be able to gamble and live it up between takes in the Las Vegas-style gambling den in Los Angeles. Weintraub says, "It was inspired by Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, guys I hung around with all my life, who made the original Ocean's Eleven."The Ocean's Club lounge will also double up as a cafeteria, where cast and crew will eat breakfast and lunch together--and there will be a 24-hour bar where the stars can hang out at the end of the day's filming. And the celebrities needn't worry about drinking and driving--there will be a 24-hour driving service to ferry them home if they sip one too many cocktails. Shooting on the third Ocean's film starts this weekend. From (08.03.06)

Ocean's 13. Brad Pitt is on the set, as it Matt Damon. The photo to the right shows Brad Pitt heading for the Ocean's 13 set.(08.03.06)

Nick Clooney engages local crowd on Darfur. "I went over a reporter and I came back an advocate," Clooney told a crowd of about 100 area and regional residents, some from as far as Louisville, Ky. Read the entire article here. (08.03.06)

August 02, 2006

Exclusive Interview. Here is the interview I did with Don Pugsley about The Good German and his experiences both on set and off. (08.02.06)

Ocean's 13 Clip. As expected, today's Extra only included Jerry Weintraub. However it was still interesting :-) Here is the clip. (08.02.06)

TV Alert. On Wednesday, Extra will be offering a behind the scenes look at Ocean's 13. Previews for the show indicate that they will only be interviewing Jerry Weintraub. (08.01.06)HD-DVD. Good Night, and Good Luck will be released as an HD-DVD/DVD combo on August 22nd. It will be available for $39.99 SRP (08.01.06)

Vanity Fair. Yesterday, Amy Fine Collins (special contributor to Vanity Fair magazine) appeared on the Today Show with Matt Lauer. Here is the exchange she had with Matt about George.

Ms. COLLINS: We send out ballots, Matt, it's a poll, so it's a democratic procedure and people get elected. We had Kate Moss get more votes than any woman and George Clooney more than any man.

...LAUER: Let's give the men some of their--the credit they deserve. George Clooney is right on the top of the 10 best-dressed men in the world. You could put this guy in a burlap sack, basically, and he'd look good, and there would be a run on burlap sacks the next week.

Ms. COLLINS: He is so comfortable in his own skin. He can pull anything off. He's loved by women, loved by men. He gathered more votes than anyone, I believe, in the history of the Best-Dressed List. (08.01.06)

Don Pugsley Interview. I spoke with Don this evening and asked many of the questions that were submitted by so many of you. Unfortunately, due to time restraints, we weren't able to get through all of them but I think you'll be happy with how the interview turned out. I'll transcribe it tomorrow, send it to Don for a final okay and then post it on the site Wednesday evening. While you're waiting, check out Don's IMDB page here. (07.31.06)

Video Clip. Here is a clip of the brief segment Extra had on today. (07.31.06)

Deadwood's Calamity Jane. In an interview for Suite101, Robin Weigert (who plays Calamity Jane in HBO's Deadwood) talks about the small role she had in The Good German as a stripper opposite George. Playing a character that is unattractive and dirty all the time has been tough for Weigert. She sometimes thinks, “What if I’m ugly forever?” She accepted a part as a stripper in the upcoming, The Good German, opposite George Clooney, for which she donned a platinum blonde wig and mastered fan dances. “He was flirting with me and I thought, ‘I’m sexy!’ You know, I only had 10 days on the film but I felt like ‘I’m a woman’.” Flirting with George Clooney was a terrific foil to the role she embodies on Deadwood. Found at Clooney Project. (07.31.06)

Vanity Fair. Who is Vanity Fair's favorite male cover? George Clooney, "by a landslide." VF comments, "Clooney is the rare Hollywood hunk who understands that real men wear black tie. Any man comfortable in his own skin is not going to worry about being mistaken for a waiter." True, but Clooney has never been comfortable with the "hunk" label. He is now what he surely always wanted to be - a salt-and-pepper-haired leading man/character actor, who just happens not to dress like a pig. (07.31.06)

July 30, 2006

Vegas comes to Hollywood. On July 25, "Ocean's 13" will have its Las Vegas-like casino filming on Stage 16 at WB, and Jerry Weintraub says the film will also use five other stages on the Burbank lot. The first cast members to work will be Matt Damon and Ellen Barkin. New father Brad Pitt is skedded to soon follow along with the new member Al Pacino plus returnees, including George Clooney, Andy Garcia, Don Cheadle, Bernie Mac, Casey Affleck, Scott Caan, Eddie Jemison, Elliott Gould and Carl Reiner. Read the article here.

July 29, 2006

TV Alert. On August 5th, the Biography channel will repeat their half hour special on George Clooney. The show is called Famous. Also, Monday's Extra is doing a segment on Vanity Fair naming the best dressed stars on the planet and it's possible George may be featured. If you miss it, it'll be here Monday afternoon :-) Thanks Tammy! (07.29.06)
George on Vacation! Yesterday Extra did a brief segment on George's vacation with Cindy Crawford and her husband, Rande Gerber. View the clip here. (07.28.06)